Let's start

Funny thing that there is almost no chance that someone will read it right now.

Satan's Industries is a new netlabel, focusing mainly on various kinds of "incorrect" music - sounds far from mainstream, such as many subgenres of industrial, ambient and noise music. Most of "our" stuff will be available for free under Creative Commons license.

If you are interested with sharing your music with others, please send us an email at satansindustries at gmail dot com.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR MUSIC IN EMAIL! Instead, use some third party file hosting service, as Mediafire or Megaup... oh, wait. You can also provide us links to your bandcamp or soundcloud profile but remember to allow your stuff to be downloaded (for free).

WE ARE ESPECIALLY INTERESTED IN EPs, because EPs are great way to familiarize peeps with your music without flooding them with tons of songs.

PS. Despite the name of this netlabel, we are in no way connected with satanism or any other relligion of any kind. Also, we are not interested in releasing music connected with extreme ideologies, such as fascism, nationalism, sexism or racism.

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