Perfect Beauty - PAIN EP (SIND002)

Two noise tracks and one industrial track by Perfect Beauty. Recorded in 2007 but as all old tracks by PerfB, released after several years. 
Short and nasty. Enjoy!

Cover of PAIN EP

As Internet Archive has some problems with new items, I present you album cover of upcoming EP of Perfect Beauty:

EP will contain one industrial track and two noise tracks.


Perfect Beauty - Dusk EP (SIND001)

Here you are - our first release, by Polish experimental band Perfect Beauty. Rather unknown and unfortunate one-man project, revolving around industrial, ambient and noise stuff. This two tracks were recorded in 2007 (or maybe 2006) but due to computer crash it were released today for a first time.

This release contains two tracks - Dusk (4:45) and Dawn (3:56) and it's probably least harsh stuff ever made by Perfect Beauty.


Let's start

Funny thing that there is almost no chance that someone will read it right now.

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